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DEFCON Rajasthan members

Members of DEFCON Rajasthan are persons mostly enganged personally or professionally in the field of IT security.

DEFCON Rajasthan board

The board of the DEFCON Rajasthan association is actually composed of 3 members. Each board member has its tasks/competencies. The board members are:

 Name            :   Ajay Dhaka
 Other Names :  DarkL00k, Hax0r_B4nt!
 Tasks      :    Media and Communication
 Description  :  Ajay Dhaka always had the vision of improving security awareness. Since more than 4 years he is commited to IT security. He is Founder and President of Cyber Security and Anti Hacking Organization (CSAHO).

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 Name            :   Nishtha Wadhawan
 Other Names :   Br0wn_Sug4r, Nishi
 Tasks      :    Marketing and Conference Head
 Description  :  She is first Indian girl, who became a black hat hacker. Currently she is pursuing masters at Lovely Professional University. She is having more than 3 year experience in field of Cyber Security. Her Area of Interest is “Malware Analysis, Data Protection and Netwotk Security.
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 Name            :   Shobhit Tiwari
 Other Names :   H4ck0lic
 Tasks       :    Project/Event Management and Promotion
 Description  :  He is Owner of website HackersBay. Selected in Google Hall of Fame.  He is having 3 year experience in field of Information Security. Currently working as independent Information security researcher.
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