Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to DEF CON Rajasthan

Defcon Rajasthan (DC91141) is a Defcon Registered group of people interested in exploring technology and it implications in security. It mostly consists of information assurance professionals and enthusiasts.
The main purpose of this group is to organize technical talks and hands on experience on topics of interest. While seasoned speakers will be invited to present for the initial several presentations. Our intention is to have local people with less experience present as well. This will allow younger professionals and researchers to get used to preparing a technical presentation and sharing it with an audience.


The main motivation behind this group is to have a place where technical people can discuss technical topics and problems and hopefully find solutions to them. There are multiple social groups and properties in dubai of security professionals in the India but none of them seams to stick outside of the pub... so as a result, during one of those meetings, the idea was born and here it is...